We are pleased to announce funding of our newest research study here at the lab! This study will follow women who carry the FMR1 premutation and healthy control women longitudinally over a 3-year period. The objective is to determine the trajectory and predictors of age-related symptoms experienced by premutation carriers during midlife and early old age, including cognitive, motor, social, and mental health symptoms. The information gleaned from this study will inform prevention, risk factors, and treatments to support healthy aging in women who carry the FMR1 premutation and their families. This study is funded by the National Institute on Aging.

For this study we are recruiting:

Women who carry the FMR1 premutation, aged 45-78 years

Women local to Columbia, SC who do not have a family history of fragile X, aged 45-78 years

Interested in learning more? Contact us at SCFamilyStudy@gmail.com, or fill out our survey form  https://redcap.link/HealthyAgingStudy !

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